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The superior way to spell "dude."
J: Yo dood did you do the math homework?
Steve: Hell no.
by Dutch May 02, 2003
Curious tasting alcohol distributed by Schnapps. 99 proof (49.5% alcoholic content per volume...or whatever). Not reccomended to drink any more than a 99 cents bottle you get at the liquor store counter. After finishing your mini-bottle, have some Malibu and Kool-Aid and just chill.
99 bananas tastes like a fuckin' banana, man.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
A waste of time test that instills fear and panic in many worthless teenagers. Those who give a shit not about this quizzical test are the ones to look out for, they should be boned frequently.
Fuck the SATs I just wanna grow up and be a travel bum anyway.
by Dutch May 02, 2003
Can refer to the acts of: skateboarding, rollerblading, ice skating, etc.
John Emig got a slurpee thrown at him while skating.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
In rugby when at least one player from each team binds onto the player with the ball when he/she's standing. They each try and drive that person in the opposite direction. This usually results in a ruck or scrum-down.
That was a nasty maul, my shirt was pulled all different ways.
by Dutch September 03, 2004
Chin2.mpeg has changed the lives of many. Friends of mine have been enlightened after I exposed them to the chin2 fella's. It is a great video of two asian young men (could possibly be in the early phases of being gaysians) singing and dancing to a popular asian song called "Jung Hwa Ban Jum." It's about a chinese restaurant but its in Korean or something. Search google to download it, you will not regret it!
I showed Cait chin2.mpeg and she appreciated the fact it comprised of two half-naked, young Korean boys making asses out of themselves.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
Where a man punches his partner in the nose, causing blood to drip down the face. Then he ejaculates on the bloody area and swirls his penis in the mixture of blood and semen, creating the look of something with a 'cherry swirl.'
Fred Engrim cherry swirled a mongoloid last week.
by Dutch May 01, 2003

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