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1 definition by DURRRR "Libtard"

1. n. A term invented by impoverished, dumb-ass neocons to apply negative connotation to the bi-partisan, congressional health care plan.

2. n. A term created to align this struggling bill--being impeded by billion-dollar insurance industries and represented by "the people" organized by Fox News in a "grassroots" movement--with President Barack Obama.

3. n. A term used by dumb shits who watch Glenn Beck and oppose government-run healthcare and are more likely to follow a 7th-Day Adventist ideology over SOCIALISM!!!!!!1!1!1 Hurrr Durrrr
Glenn: I don't want nunna that OBAMACARE! Keep the government away from my doctors and away from my guns!

Dale: But Glenn, the government's not taking your guns, and most doctors approve of the Congressional Health Care Reform plan.

Glenn: What are you, a retard!? Obama wants death panels and socialism!

Dale: Glenn, you idiot, do you even know what socialism is?

Glenn: No. I might be able to figure it out, but my head hurts like hell.

Dale: You should go to the doctor, you've had migraines for quite a while.

Glenn: I would, but I don't have any money cuz Barack Hussein ruined the economy, and I lost my job to some Mex-eee-cans!

Dale: Wasn't that George W. Bush who ruined the eco--ah never mind.
by DURRRR "Libtard" October 18, 2009