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When you pretend to take down a persons phone number but are really doing a "fake take" and playing fuckin tetris.
"Dude did you actually take down that nasty bitches number?"" Nah, nigga chill i dida fake take on her ho ass."
by DUDENIC November 22, 2007
an antitheist is a person that doesnt believe in God so when they die they believe that they will become a beautiful tree and be one with the earth and i hope that happens for them so that some big dude with an axe can be wandering through the forest and CHOP them down and print the bible on them.
God BLess you! oh i dont believe in God im an antitheist. Oh im sorry what do you believe will happen when you die? i believe i will become a wonderful tree. oh i hope that happens for you you fuck so they can print the bible on your ass
by DUDENIC November 22, 2007
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