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v. 1.The action of not doing work and still getting graded well.
2. The action of making fun of all games other than the one game that the "shea-er" plays.
Dude, the kid's sheaing it- he hasn't done any work in the entire semester and still has a B average.
by DT_21 June 20, 2003
n. A device used to measure the whiteness of an individual, used solely when a person is trying to act like a "gangsta" or black person.
You cracka- you're a 10/10 on the whitometer, fuckin redneck.
by DT_21 August 05, 2003
v. The act of consistantly obsessing about one individual, typically a female.
Dude, that guy likes her so much that he's fricken Sheaing it.
by DT_21 September 19, 2003
n. The opposite of gaydar. A device used to measure the heterosexuality of an individual.
His rating is a 9 out of 10 on the Hetrometer- He's straight.
by DT_21 August 05, 2003
A rich spoiled asshole.
Dude Mike Shea is an ass.
by DT_21 April 23, 2004
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