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A. Taking notice or recognition of something.

B. Used by businesses to hold customer information. Such as: Address, Phone Number, Name and other important information.
A. To Account for your actions!
by DTS October 10, 2004
Taco'd is a term used to reference missing any type of transport related appointment - flights, boats, cars, trains, etc.
A co-worker of mine missed his flight, "he taco'd that one". Or, we watched him run up to the ferry as it was leaving, "He was so hungover he Taco'd the time".
by DTs September 24, 2013
1. To be thwarted by an obvious software bug.

2. an expression of supreme frustration
"WTF! I shot him in the head! Not fair, I was Gearboxed!" or

"I just got Gearboxed at the DMV! Dammit!" or

"LMAO I'm nowhere near you yet I killed you. You've been Gearboxed, son."
by DTS August 25, 2004
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