13 definitions by DTRAIN

a sloppy twat. a woman who is considered to be a bitch.
That hobag bucket gash gave me drippy dick.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
The lips of a womans hatchet wound.
I want to part her peddles of paradise with my salty johnnson bar.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
technique with the hands to stimulate a womans vagina and anus at the same time. Take thumb and thrust it up the cunthole while inserting index finger in the smelly bung hole.
Hey bitch, bend over so I can slip you some pickle fork.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
That hot little asian persuasian you have been eye-ballying for the last week.
When one see's the elusive pie face one often mumbles to themself..."ah yes come over here little cum chin".
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
a rascist term for a black person, originated by my roommate Dan.
Did you see that big jiggedy jig walk by?
by dtrain April 11, 2004
A cluster of hemmroids petruding out of the swollen and streched out star of brown.
George Brett's grapes of wrath were so out of control he needed his vineyards lanced.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
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