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1. The most ridiculous school district in the world. Has bought a smartboard for literally every single classroom, which nobody uses. Installed flat-screen TVs in "cat-aterias" and lobbies that nobody watches. Assumes that all problems with teachers are the students fault. Let's hundreds more kids move into the district that literally can not fit into the schools, and ruin our test scores. Not a single kid that lives here, wants to stay.

2. Nothing to do that doesn't involve driving for miles. The closest entertainment is Hershey Park which is 45 miles away, or Baltimore which is 50 miles away. IN town the only thing to do is go to Robburitos or Roma's Pizza.
3. Kids think they live in the "ghetto" which basically encompasses Main Street, with a few shitty houses. Other kids think they are country, but they live in the suburbs.
4. The second worst town in York. The only place worse than Dallastown is Red Lion.
1. Kid 1: So how many times have you watched TV in the lobby or used a smartboard?
Kid 2: Not once. Maybe because there are hundreds of kids in the lobby and 40 in my class.

Parent 1: Yeah I'm moving from Baltimore to a nice safe city in PA with great test scores.
Parent 2: Yeah, you and 5,000 other parents. And now their test scores suck.

2. Kid 1: Wanna do something fun?
Kid 2: What, you mean in Dallastown? Good one.

Parent 1: Let's go on a trip to Baltimore!
Parent 2: Why don't you just move back?

3. Kid 1: I'm straight out the Ghetto homes!
Kid 2: Dude, you live in a suburb called Blossom Hill, you're not a gangster.

4. Kid 1: God I hate this town.
Kid 2: At least you don't live in Dallastown.
by DTOWNSUCKS November 07, 2010
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