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Plus Twos (2s) are the slang name for breast implants. The term “Plus Two (2s)” has 2 meanings, 1) the implants usually result in an increase of 2 cup sizes, 2) the women who receive Plus 2s technically and typically though not always, would be rated by their male counter parts as being 2 points higher on the proverbial 1 to 10 scale.
Dude, I saw Tara at the club on Friday, she dropped 10 pounds and got a set of Plus Twos (Plus 2s) now she is a 7 instead of a 5 and I would do her after a 6 pack.

My boyfriend dumped me for a chick with Plus Twos (Plus 2s) I think it may be time to make an appointment for a set.
by DTM92663 May 29, 2008

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