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The Marine Corps elite fighting unit. Used for stealth and pre-emptive strike operations. The most elite of the elite, almost impossible training and the best there is. Experts at any covert operation or any weapon, and can do anything asked of them or hold off any enemy. Badass mo-fo's
The Marine Force Recon snipers are the most well trained and best shots in the world.

The Marine Force Recon team blew up the ammo depot and got without firing a shot, unknown to anyone.
by DT44 May 06, 2005
Chicken, pork(the other white meat), or baby(the other other white meat), also known in rap music as bustin someones head
"Baby, the other other white meat!"
Fat Bastard - Austin Powers
by DT44 April 30, 2005
The best answer to give in class ever...confusing the teacher and either making everyone laugh at u or look and u like a dumbass
2+2= Green
Whats your opinion? "Green"
Any other classroom related question...answer green
by DT44 May 10, 2005
Wierd ass guy who is hilarious in the dumbest way, likes big words and confuses people by talkin about something random or using the big words
doesnt ever seem to know what hes doing, but he trys...
also a name u can call someone if they do something stupid...
funniest nerd ever

dude, he pulled a loomos
by DT44 May 02, 2005
My best friend in the world! Shes awesome and tons of fun to be around!
only word to explain Nel...herself
by DT44 May 01, 2005

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