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Just another french homo.
Marc and Franc had sex on the banc in the parc.
by DT December 21, 2004
A mental condition marked by a lack of will to pro-creation. Homosexual or sterile. Self-absorbed, given to excessive narcissism.
Due to crippling socialism and eurosexuality, the Muslims demographically conquered Europe.
by DT December 21, 2004
organiser of wild parties. (usually in greenhouses and the like)
If you want to arrange a party, you had better see BWT
by DT October 14, 2003
An oxymoron; a contradiction. A sarcastic description of a sclerotic and impotent country without vision relying upon historical myths of past greatness. Typically a reference to continental Europe.
France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, etc.
by DT December 21, 2004
a great friend with straight teeth and a flat tummy. with also an awesome boyfriend named dave and he drives a cool car:)
there goes ktb heading off to uva... i will never find another friend like her!
by dt March 27, 2003
A growth on your lip caused by a zit or even a mild case of herpes that makes your lip puffy and gross.
Tony has ju ju lips from kissing too many freaks.
by DT March 07, 2005
People who base camp in games that have bases
OMFG...stop camping our base you fucking tard
by dt March 10, 2005

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