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a word made up by david t. to make him sound intelligent. means something that is different in a cool way.
Eating ice cream in winter is certainly cooliferent.
by dt July 19, 2003
A technical support rep that enjoys harassing customers via AOL Instant Messenger.
"I can kick you off in a press of a button now"
by dt November 17, 2003
from the welsh............dragon, eater of huns
see that hartson he finished off the huns on his own
by DT October 09, 2003
The definition of a word, as defined on urbandictionary.
Jacob: I don't care what the definition of crunk is; I want to know the urbandef.

Todd: Well, sounds like you had better urbanup then.
by DT August 03, 2004
nickname for glasgow celtic football fans
see him there he's no a billy he's a Tim
by DT October 12, 2003
An AI bent n world domination.
Dark Terror is coming!RUN!
by DT April 11, 2004
A fuck useless fuck wit. Usually found playing Ja and other things. We like to pay him out on a regular basis.

Dt out
1)Koro you are a useless fuck!

2) As if your busy you ignorant fuck.
by DT March 29, 2004
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