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warweed12 is/was a prolific member of the hailed totse, with a post count of over 7000 and a penis larger than life(one would assume).

He is a senior member of totses BB (Backyard Ballistics) and loved to hang in SG and HB. He was slightly insane, in a good way, living it up with large HE charges and large flash salutes, which would later lead to his incarceration by the hand of a facist regieme (fucking Canadians).

BB and totse prays for this prolific user, with his skills in butterfly knives and getting really really pished and high.

warweed12 back in the day-2005

WAOH warweed12 just blew a big hole in the ground while high on medical grade oxygen and pissed on southo all whilst reaching 7000 posts on totse and putting toothpaste on his pussy.
by DREX and Mephistos Minion April 08, 2005

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