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Psychological justification for urinating in any type of fluid basin which is drained through a network of plumbing.
Caeser peed in the aqueduct because Cicero told him "they're all pipes".
by DREWBLOOD October 20, 2004
a person not aware of culturally accepted pantswear and culturally accepted cleaniness. wearer of pants usually made out of any or a mix of the following: garbage, patches, weed/hemp, discoballs, plastic, dried apples, glass, tape, human hair, scabs, and provelone cheese.
Mitch patted Garbage Pants on the shoulder while Garbage Pants was sitting indian-style in the dumpster.
by DREWBLOOD December 17, 2003
water vapor chemically bonded to urea cells that results in a steam cloud of high urine concentration, usually generated by peeing in the shower, often attributed to the "They're all pipes" behavioral explanation.
Jeremy couldn't find his inhaler, so he ran to the bathroom and breathed in the piss mist left by his brother.
by DREWBLOOD October 20, 2004

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