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187 definitions by DREW

Air conditioning (or lack therof) in a car or truck by rolling down the windows and driving 60 mph.
Hell, yeah my hoopty has AC! It's gots 260 AC!
by Drew July 07, 2004
12 2
An individual who takes the Monopoly board game very seriously, to the point of obsession.
"Christine and Paul were playing for fun, but Anne was a Monopoly Dork - She strategized and plotted while the other two had fun."
by Drew May 14, 2004
13 3
a person of jewish decent usually with a nose of 2 to three inches (because air is free)
Dave Pertzborn is a fucking shilok
by Drew May 14, 2003
33 23
A synonym for an erect penis.
She sucked my manhorn.
by Drew October 03, 2003
11 2
I dunno. It makes you feel better when you say it though.
Reppert: Skiddleyboop!
Mr. Johnson: Can't have the skiddley, without the boop.
by Drew January 02, 2004
9 1
The nether region between one's anus and cannonballs. Quite grudle-esque but in order to obtain the glorification of a nifkit, it must have hair sufficient enough to be braided.
On hot days, my nifkit sweats uncontrollably.
by Drew February 19, 2005
11 4