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totaly screwed up either physically or mentaly
mommy said i had issues but i knew i was just discombobulated
by Drew January 10, 2003
A weekend in which is spent mostly with your hand and your penis.
"I just totally had a penis weekend!"
by drew May 28, 2007
Acronym for "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"
I'd love to tell you more, but whivsiv, baby!
by Drew March 30, 2005
an oversized camel's toe.....balogna on pumpernickle
that woman's twat is so big that it looks like she's hiding a moosenuckle in her panties
by Drew May 16, 2003
Niberu is a demon metal band formed by rogue agents of the Akatsuki organization. After breaking free of the leaders mind-control jutsu, Itachi and Kisame could no longer suppress the irresistable urge to explode upon the metal scene. Hence, Niberu was formed.
Niberu, purveyors of demon metal.
by Drew March 08, 2005
A little fat kid taking a shit.
"There's a hogie in the pool!"
by Drew July 18, 2004
1) (Literal) To prepare a lunch meal for travel
2) (Slang) To be prepared for a long effort
3) (Slang) To wear a false penis, esp. a lesbian/bisexual woman
We're going up to the park for a picnic, I'm going to pack a lunch.
If he's going to tangle with me, he'd better pack a lunch.
At the lesbian bar, half the women were dressed as men and packing lunches.
by Drew January 28, 2006

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