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Orally pleasuring a woman with a hairy vagina.
It's your lucky night tonight baby im gone squatchin.
by DRAK June 04, 2012
this isthe term for a clanless Vampire in the Vampire RPG by whitewolf
He's not gangrel he's caitiff
by Drak June 04, 2004
someone who considers their pick-up trucka mobile motel 6
Redneck walked into a motel,"Can I get a room?"

Desk person points to the no vacancy sign.

Redneck,"Well you should put that out front,"then walks out side,opens his sleepin bag and after a few beers,and an after dinner smoke,goes to sleep.
by drak March 14, 2005
the person that pisses you off the most and most often.
my sister is satan...

i am satan
by drak March 16, 2005

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