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2 definitions by DR604

To keep a relationship a secret for fear of Religious retribution by the girls angry father.
"Dude, I've been manning my girl for three years now, from what I've heard of her dad, he's one bad motherfucker"
by DR604 May 31, 2005
21 20
A person with an extremely tight approach to the game of texas hold’em, only playing premium hands such as AA or AK (and QQ when pot-committed). These players have the tendency to end all sentences in high pitched voices with their index finger waving in the crisp Canadian air.
“whoa big bet out of the corner!...yeah, I want to call, but the guys a real Rink so I think I have to lay down my Jacks.”

Note: These players are as easy to read as a coloring book.
by DR604 May 31, 2005
3 11