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The act of having one or both of your nipples seen through your shirt due to nipple erection.
"Holy shit Erik, that girl over there is stealing grapes like woah!"
by dr0ne August 05, 2005
The internet sign for The Shocker that lame message board kids use to seem funny. It symbolizes the hand sign where you stick two fingers in a girl's vagina and one in the ass.
Boardie 1: OMG d00d LyKe I TotAlly Did Tha |n||
Boardie 2: STFU n00b!
by dr0ne May 30, 2005
Keep It To Ur Self
girl: omg i love jb!

boy: KITUS!
by DR0NE May 01, 2013
Young Adult Male (Specimen Y.A.M.S. )

something cougars hunt

yams become targets for cougars around the age of 17 give or take. Ages can range from approx 17 to maybe 30, it depends strongly on how old the cougar is, in relation to her prey.
A cougar got into the local Y.A.M. hangout and got one of 'em last night, damn cougars.

bro 1 : shit bro! that cougars scopin for Y.A.M.s! we better get out of here!

bro 2: dude! yeah lets beat feet.
by DR0NE January 09, 2013
someone who is considered mentally inferior.
Basically an idiot.
Teacher: I want you to write a speech on the Constitution.

neuro-simplistic student: whats the constitution?
by DR0NE January 09, 2013

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