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A jetstream from Hawaii and Canada that picks up dirt and mixes it with marijuana in a special way that produces powerful weed.
Bob: Ey dude, where'd you get that bud from this weekend?
Tom: Straight from the Pineapple Express man, top of the line shit.
Bob: How much for a dime?
by DR. DEL ONE January 19, 2008
sour luck, to be put in a bad position.
Hipster 1: Ever since Todd got laid off, he has been broke.
Hipster 2: Yeah, he's riding greyhound.
by DR. DEL ONE January 24, 2008
hipster term for post-Garcia hippies promoting idealism for a new century.
Don't confuse the Neo-Crunches with the hippies; they smoke weed out of glass pipes, not graphix bongs.
by DR. DEL ONE January 24, 2008
a sexually agressive bisexual 'hipster'.

(From Robert Lanham's "The Hipster Handbook")
There were a couple of CK-1's at the club last night.. totally wanted my bod.
by DR. DEL ONE January 22, 2008
hipster term for glasses
Do these raphaels go with my flogger? I don't know if I like the new frames or not.
by DR. DEL ONE January 24, 2008

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