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A Glamour is simply a woman who has a natural attractiveness that is irresistable to men. The type that stand out from the crowd without trying.

Guys go gaa-gaa when they are talking to them and its not because of big norbles or anything like that. Men want to marry them, not just bone them.

Hotties are very jealous of them cause no matter how much pouting they do they cannot match the attractive pull of the Glamour.
Check out the Glamour eating the Banana bro. Damn I've got Banana Envy now...

That Glamour is gorgeous, definately taken but I want to marry her
by DOZMcOZ October 14, 2009
Its the nap you have after consuming a bit too much beer. Your friends think you've just passed out but you are convinced you just dozed off cause you are a bit tired.
Check out Dan, he has passed out from way too much beer. Nah man, he is just having a beer nap, I had one last time we went out bro.
by DOZMcOZ October 14, 2009
The feeling guys get when they watch a chick eating a banana
Stop staring at that girl, you don't wanna end up with Banana Envy bro
by DOZMcOZ September 27, 2009
These are the little white dome shaped markers that define lanes on major highways. As you drive over them they make the noise "doong da doong da doong da doong" etc.
I was driving down the M1 the other night and when I ran over the doong da doongs I woke up.
by DOZMcOZ September 29, 2009

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