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Ingredient in Peanut Butter... go figure
Check this, "rape seed", heh
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004
synonym: sperm
Damn! I just got $50 for my fuckseed!
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004
Party with the exclusive purpose of playing the best of the state of the art PC games.

Note: Not a LAN without beer, bitches or Bawls (high-caffeine beverage)
Let's LAN!

Whatcha doing?
Nothing chillin at the LAN downtown
Who you with?
Me and ma peeps wont you bring fo of you friends
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004
Place to hang, usually accompanied by chicas and riced cars.
I'll be at the ghetto temple if you need me
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004
1. Another title of a player
2. White ganster
3. Lady's man
4. Cruiser
Now dat boy's the dos junkie!

Yo dos! We cruisin for some tail tonight?

I am the dos junkie
by DOS Junkie April 21, 2004

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