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3 definitions by DOOLgayguy

We ALL know we should NEVER grocery shop on an empty stomach. The same applies to a first date. We need to "take care of business" and jack off before that first date so SEX isn't the only thing on our mind!
I have a HOT first date and better date-jack before i go out of the house!
by DOOLgayguy June 02, 2009
9 1
Sex-Worthy is similar to Elaine's word sponge-worthy on SEINFELD
My new hardwood floors are SO hot that they are sex-worthy.
by DOOLgayguy May 29, 2009
1 0
Just like a brain fart....mental fart is a total mental breakdown
I was having the best conversation with my friend, Rich, that I had a mental fart when i forgot to tell him what a stud he is!!
by DOOLgayguy May 29, 2009
1 3