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the state pertaining to silly putty after it has become a uniform shade of grey
man, this silly putty used to be glow-in-the-dark-green, but now it's total dog mustard. im gonna go drown my sorrows in strawberry soda and cheap cocaine.
by DOG MUSTARD August 26, 2003
onefinity smaller than tenfinity
i am the candle falling
your hand gripping the tablecloth
watch out MOM its coming for you!!!!

...ninefinity satiricon
by DOG MUSTARD April 13, 2004
of the zygotes, dealing with zygotes
damn, dat chick was so zygomorphic! i gotta get her dijits 'n wit her copacobana style, dawgg!
by DOG MUSTARD August 26, 2003
being of or possessing the air of an asshole from france (specifically paris)
god, that motard's francopomposity really put a damper on my otherwise zygomorphic evening!! what a gaymo!!
by DOG MUSTARD August 26, 2003
one who likes motown way, way, way too much
"oh man, did you hear about skipper? she locked herself in her room with all her diana ross lp's and she won't come out! she's gonna be such a motard... her francopomposity both astonishes and disgusts me"
by DOG MUSTARD April 13, 2004
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