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2 definitions by DNT

this is bobo's patented knickname
sick look at that portabello
by DNT September 18, 2003
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West coast Scotland term for a chav / ned / pikie / jakie, easily identifiable by their tracksuits (trackies) Thomas Burberry baseball caps and other assorted burberry accessories.
This breed of scumbag is also known for how their balls grow larger when in a crowd of jakies or in a 12 yr old Vauxhall Nova.
The larger the grouping of jakies is directly proportional to the size their balls have grown over their natural size (which is generally very small).
person 1 "Look at those silly looking jakie fucks"

person 2 "yeah, their balls have grown so large they must think that Vauxhall Nova is a Sherman Tank."
by DNT August 27, 2005
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