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A wet willy is a prank that involves wiping a stick of butter all over your dick and then sticking your dick into an unsuspecting victims ear when they are not looking. This prank was used commonly during the Great Depression Era to lift the spirits of out of work Americans and was recently revived when demonstrated in the 1980's sitcom "The Facts of Life", when Phil Drummond (of Different Strokes) came to visit the girls at their school.
"Natalie was so flattered by the attention she was recieving, she not only

forgave Phil for the WET WILLY, she also forgot she was so fat for a few

by DNFles September 28, 2009
Period Pants were invented at the turn of the century as more and more women demanded to be let out of the house while their vaginas were bleeding profusely. In 1896, the United States Congress passed the "Period Pants Law", which allowed women to enter public buildings, so long as they wore designated "period pants" so that everyone knew these whores were out fucking around when they should be at home bleeding into their underwear and girdles.
"Did you hear that John accidentaly wore Mary's Period Pants to church last week? Everyone is talking about it!"
by DNFles September 25, 2009

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