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Capitol Heights is a sprawling area where drug dealing and gun violence takes place nightly in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Criminals frequently commit armed carjackings and robberies in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Capitol Heights Crew is the primary gang in Capitol Heights. Gun battles frequently take place in Capitol Heights between the police and thugs. In September 2013, the Capitol Heights Metro Stop was determined to be the most violent metro station in Prince Georges County, Maryland. Large fights involving urban youth are common in Capitol Heights when school lets out and in the evening time. Capitol Heights is so violent that kids are shot walking to school. Nobody is safe in Capitol Heights. On the corner of Larchmont Ave and Emo Ave, someone wrote "Kill Whitey" on the side of the building. Capitol Heights is so corrupt, that the Hillside Firehouse located on Larchmont Ave was closed.
The homies in Capitol Heights got the choppa ready for tonight. They gonna do battle with the boyz from DC.
by DMV Crypt Keeper October 12, 2013
Suitland is an area of Prince Georges County, Maryland that is home to pure evil. Robberies and shootings are common in Suitland. It is located inside the beltway and is home to the grim reaper himself. Suitland High School is one of the most violent public high schools in PG County. Suitland has been a cesspool of violence for years, and will continue to be the epicenter of death inside the beltway for years to come. Suitland would need more than the National Guard to bring the place under control and restore order, as its been in a state of anarchy for several decades now.
Lets take a day trip to Suitland!

Nah, are you out your mind? The killers in Suitland will surely use as target practice for fun.
by DMV Crypt Keeper October 12, 2013

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