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(VERB) Something one does to one's place of residence, or work space or any and all personal space/property involving total lack of respect. Usually involving footwear.

1. To come in someone's home with some muddy ass boots on and leave a dirt trail everywhere you walk.

2. To fuck up one's coffee table or furniture with your shoes.

3. Scuff up one's floor with boot or shoe marks.

4. To scuff up one's shoes, boots (kicks)
After cleaning our work space and proud of our work, Uncle Donnie came in with such blatant disrespect Rick James'n our shit. Mud trails were everywhere.
by DMR0369 January 21, 2011
Any and all things "fucked up" beyond recognition; anything fucked up and out of place; just plain wrong
After Michael Vick's game against the Packers sports analysts could only describe his performace as "sex on the ceiling" .
by DMR0369 January 19, 2011
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