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1. The worst STD known to mankind. It's a devastating combo of gonnorrhea, syphillis, herpes, and HIV/AIDS brought to the U.S. by an Irish immigrant who visited the Red Light district in Amsterdam.

2. Term used to describe a bitch thats so nasty that you're not even sure exactly what diseases she might have, so you just use a mix of all of the worst kinds. Usually, you don't want to touch this bitch
"Did you hear that Donkey Dan died from gonnasyphiherpelaids? Yeah, he got it from this dude from Ireland."

"Damn, that girl's a slut. I bet she's got gonnasyphiherpelaids. Can't you smell it?"
by DLo & Smithy October 23, 2007
1. Alternate word code for "Suck me beautiful." Usually used in a setting where you can't be saying those things out loud, like at school.

2. Phrase used as a comeback when someone tells you to do something
Some hot girls walk by at school, but the teacher is next to you so you say "Buck me seautiful"

Dan-"Go get me some chips"
Smithy-"Buck me seautiful"
by DLo & Smithy October 23, 2007
What you name your daughter if she has one leg shorter than the other.
"Eileen leans slightly to the left because her left leg is shorter than the right one."
by DLo & Smithy October 23, 2007

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