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3 definitions by DLa

A rainbow in the underwear occurs when someone (presumably a man) has made the greatest possible variety of excretions in his underpants. This would consist of a brown stain, a yellow stain, and an off-white stain.
Jean Pierre Garnier never wipes his ass, so he has skid marks; he has also been known to have wetdreams almost nightly. A few months ago thirty people came to his house to scream at him. He pissed himself and a made a rainbow in his underwear.
by DLa April 06, 2005
95 28
someone who gets cockpunched all the time
Andrew Baker is so well hated that he became a knuckledick.
by DLa November 15, 2003
59 4
Genital tag is just like phone tag only it involves sex. It occurs when a man and a woman try to have sex but each person's genitals are in a state of dysfunction at exactly the same time that their partner is ready. (i.e. She can't get her juices flowing when he has his erection and and he loses his erection as soon as she gets her juices flowing.)
Brian Cass and his wife gross each opther out a lot; they played genital tag for the duration of their honeymoon.
by DLa December 24, 2004
66 19