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Mandard is often used an an alternative to the modern word "standard". It is a phrase only to be used by men or a man (hence man-dard). It is used to describe scenarios which are manly and either satisfying or comical. It can however be used with multiple meanings, so to substitute for a range of other adjectives in order to describe events such as 'cool' or 'awesome' etc.

Commonly used by rugby players in particular for banterous events/times. A further meaning is to use it when describing a certain high level of drunkness.
Person 1: "hey man I was so drunk last night did you have a good time as well?"
Person 2:" Yea mate it was pretty mandard"


The Rugby game I watched today was quite mandard

Let's get Mandard on cider tonight lads
by DLMandard August 22, 2012

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