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1 definition by DL 86

A term founded at Trent Univeristy by the great Biochemistry Majors Daniel Lustig and Jasper Boychuck in thier first year of thier studies.

1.One who greatly excels in the field(s) of Biology, Chemistry or Physics and has absolutely no respect for Arts Majors and fellow students aiming to "achieve" a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

2.A student who pimps Science with great ease, producing high quality lab reports and test results with last minute effort whilst maintaining his/her status at the top of their class.

3. Daniel Lustig
Student 1:"Hey what did you get on that test?"
Student 2: "I did well"
Student 1: "What's 'well'"
Student 2: "Like 90 something"
Student 2: "I hate you"
Student 1: "That's because I'm a science pimp, bitches" *Harlem Shake at the Wake Dance*
by DL 86 December 28, 2006