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38 definitions by DK

The sound coming from the other end of a telephone call for your sister. Also fellatone and fellowtone.
Rinnng, rinnng! Hulo? Just a sec.....Sharon! Fellatone!
by dk March 02, 2005
A cyberhobo works and travels around like a regular hobo, but rides around for free on the net instead of hopping trains.
The dot-commer turned cyberhobo when the bubble burst.
by dk December 27, 2004
A certified Usenet k00k who frequents medical and psychological newsgroups. Very entertaining when she goes off her meds and kooks out.
GoofPrints is a lying weasel
by DK January 15, 2004
Loves Batman, sidekick to the more-well-known Dark Knight. He does not, however, wear those little green panties. And if he chooses to, we're ok with it.
HeWho, you da man!
by DK January 11, 2004
A poor sap with delusions of granduer who works 80-hour weeks at a dot com.
The dot-commer kept bragging about his impressive stock options
by dk December 27, 2004
If the crack-of-dawn is early, then the crack-of-the-crack-of-dawn is even earlier. Hence, crack-of-crack.
I gotta get up at the crack-of-crack tomorrow 'cause I'm driving to Bakersfield. No Chappelle show for me!
by DK March 11, 2004
A crap five a side team that get gubbed every game every week. Average
Anyteam 10-0 Buckstas.
Buckstas are absolute pants.
by DK January 14, 2004