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Friendilingus is the act of cunnilingus performed on a friend by a friend purely for the sake of helping a friend out and/or improving skill in that area.
"I don't really feel very comfortable performing cunnilingus, could I perform friendilingus on you so as to get comfortable with it?"
by djones September 15, 2013
A phrase used to show displeasure in someone or something. To get angry, or to mock someone with a mental disability.
Often used with a masturbation type of hand motion directed towards someone's face.
This term was created by Charles Daniel Jones(the first) in the year 2003.
Joe: Hey Frank, did you hear I hooked up with your chick last night?

Frank: Dude, that's messed up.

Joe: ...In-ya-face!

by DJones November 12, 2006
A pimp, P.I.M.P., mac, mac daddy, big papa, or playa who is able to pick up any type of bitches or hoes easily. Automatic bitches and hoes. A true PM(PimpMega) of the new world.
"Yo, playa, meet my cuz' Danny he be MacMatic, off da chizzain."

"Tanya, girl, I know I said I'm done with men but Danny was MacMatic like crazy."
by DJones November 12, 2006

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