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Often a word confused with a fuzzy red little creature who just likes to be tickled
Gjon- "Emo people are weird people that wear black and are really gay..."

Dan- "I thought he was the cute dude from sesame street... I'm pretty sure I saw his toy and it said to tickle him"

Gjon- "That's Elmo!"

Dan- "I've heard it both ways"
by DJamesK1 January 25, 2011
The act of an American getting stuck with an Australian accent.
D- "Damn do you got Austism again..."

Austism victim- "Whats that mate I just threw some grills on the bawbay and now I'm playing with my dingo..."

D- "That sounds unsanitary"
by DJamesK1 April 18, 2011
about a size 23
Timmy- "wow that clown shoes are really huge!... I bet there a size 18"

Dan- " Actually Timmy, it's a well known fact clowns wear size 23... SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!"
by DJamesK1 January 25, 2011

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