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The name given to one with Coop-like characteristics. One of the more prominent characteristics is the coop-like luck. A Canadian Coop is called Coop-eh-loop. They are generally observed as having curly hair and glasses.
That curly haired kid with glasses is without a doubt a Coop-A-Loop
by DJP January 29, 2004
Overclocked Remix.

Lamest boards in all existence, but great remixes.
OMFG ocr's unmod foram r 4 ghey
by DJP November 08, 2003
1.Abbreviation for organization - "Fist Fuckers of America."

2. Abbreviation for organization -"Future Farmers of America."
Bruce liked having a fist shoved up his ass so he joined the FFA.

Mu high school had a four H club sponsored by the FFA.
by DJP August 23, 2003
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