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When a destination is not far geographically, but the traffic is always bad and it takes longer than it should.
Person 1: How far is work from your house?
Person 2: Only about 16 kilometers, but it is geotraffically in a bad spot.
by DjJimmyJ February 25, 2009
When a guy is wearing tight pants that accentuate his package.
Hey Mal. Check out that dude over there. That is such a camel no!
by DjJimmyJ September 18, 2008
A person of low intelligence, who usually makes life difficult for others in a team environment. Similar to the word fuckstick.
Hey Dude! What did you do that for? You are a real quokkstick!
by DjJimmyJ March 21, 2007
A girl of asian origin who is smokin hot.
Hey Mal, Did you see that girl! She was asiariffic!
by DjJimmyJ August 23, 2007
Extremely bad joke. Usually made by someone attempting humour, but failing miserably
A typical example of a Malism would be..While walking along the footpath, James looks at the leaf on the ground and says "leaf it alone" or while passing a bale of hay....Jeff exclaims...."Hey !".
by DJJimmyJ November 29, 2006
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