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The oath officials take after being elected to public office..... You can swear to the people you will not do something....then do it anyway. Oath taken by United States House and Senate before taking their seat. Wife took Hippocritc Oath before shopping today.
All newly elected officials took their Hippocritc Oath today before they assembled. Bank President took Hippocritic Oath when made CEO. CEO took Hippocritc Oath in front of Stock Holders.
by DJD58 December 20, 2012
The uneasy feeling one gets at an ATM whlie people are behind you. You have the odd feeling someone may steal your Debit Card or Credit Card PIN number while typing it.
So many of us were at the ATM...everyone was Pin Fretting.
by DJD58 December 07, 2012
Having to urinate while being comfortable elsewhere, usually happens in the morning while still resting in bed.
Resting nicely and a puddle maker came knocking......I called for wishapisaway to save me.
by DJD58 November 30, 2012

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