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A modern-day phenomenon commonly seen on a gazillion Facebook photo albums where the subject appears to be puckering their lips for a kiss.
Alyssa had her puckerface on as she posed in front of her computer for 2 hours attempting to nail the perfect profile photo.
#kissy face #smoochie poo #zoolander pose #lip smacker #mwah !
by DJCOJO July 04, 2010
Being admitted into a college or university while you're still a sophomore in high school.
Cyrus exhibited a lackadaisical attitude in the last 2 months of his sophomore year in high school due to his premature matriculation into Seton Hall University.
#accelerated #early #premature #rapid #quick admittance
by DJCOJO July 05, 2010
Letting someone know you are acknowledging and approve of the fact they're drinking a cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts as opposed to Starbucks.
"HEY, Coconut Joe! I see ya got yer Dunkin' Donuts goin' on, huh? RIGHT ON!
#dunkin' donuts #coffee #caffeine #starbucks #cup of joe
by DJCOJO July 10, 2010
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