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Conver-fuckin-sation –

1) A deep, awkward or intense conversation brought on unexpectedly or in an inappropriate place or time. Usually the person is trapped and forced to participate with no way out.

2) A harmless or superficial discussion that takes a serious or intense turn without notice or opportunity for escape.
3) Having to listen to other people’s bull shit.
4) When drunk or high strangers/friend force you into talking about the serious issues of the world (or their lives) when you do not want to.
I told my boyfriend I would be late coming home and it turned into a conver-fuckin-sation about our relationship.

Every time my mom calls it turns into a drawn out conver-fuckin-sation about why I don't call.

I thought I was going to score with that girl, but we just went to her place and had a conver-fuckin-sation til she passed out.
by DJBens77 May 04, 2009
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