1 definition by DJ rc294 feat. Buff Waks

A mix of Robitussin Maximum Strength cough syrup with juice, generally fruit punch, to make a drink called "purple." It is the beverage of choice for club-going southern rappers such as Paul Wall and the Three 6 Mafia.

The addition of ground codeine tablets transforms "purple" into "syzurp," "sizzurp" or "syrup."

Alternatively, Sprite may be used instead of juice.

"So purple, p-purple, p-purple and swallow it down with
the yurple, yurple, yurple
It's goin dowwwwwn"
--DJ Paul in Three Six Mafia - Gotta Stay High

"Cock the 4, hold the duce
Mix the sprite made a juice
Prepare to lean off that codeine
Prescription call it syrup gettin ya loose"
--Jim Jones - What You Been Drankin On
by DJ rc294 feat. Buff Waks December 06, 2005

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