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Transsexual. Mrs Cigo with big black penis. Holden poon. Embodiement of a serious computer fetish
Hard drive- Sarah hawkins
'Look its Sarah hawkins' josh turns and storms away with gargantuan steps. His girlfriend trails behind him quiet. Josh then turns on the computer . The skype chat begins yet the two remain in silence, three hours pass and after relentless hours of battlefield and silence they end the skype call. The first date is over. And josh looks at the blank screen, the manga porn comes on.....Saturday night success.
Velma proceeds and after a furious amount of nugget and cartoon porn masturbation puts on the gigs and begins the day with a big bowl of social anxiety.....

#velma 2014
by DJ rawfilthMcNuggetSUpernOOdle February 06, 2014
Buzzin me fuckin tits off

Mainly refers to being off your fuckin face
"Oi lid wad da fuk up wid chu ?

"Arrrrr mate I'm buzzin me fuckin tits off! I'm fuckin shited on ketamine"


by DJ rawfilthMcNuggetSUpernOOdle December 13, 2013
For da banter init
" why u cock slap her"
"Fdbi (for da banter init)

by DJ rawfilthMcnuggetSUPernOOdle December 13, 2013
Oduro, the mighty king the hero for all , if thou is to encounter such a hero thou is to to bow graciously an offer his or her body willingly for the embodiment and respect for the great one.
"With Oduro in our hearts we will forgive and forget, reinvent and replenish ourselves in hope for safety and compassion, and since thou protects us we let him into our hearts , and purify our souls, and with this we will exceed all expectations!
by DJ rawfilthMcNuggetSUpernOOdle December 13, 2013

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