4 definitions by DJ horrible

When a person farts he needs time by himsmelf.
"Don't get in here, I need to be by mysmelf"
by DJ horrible July 27, 2009
If a lady isn't wet she might not want to fuck.
Girl A: He keeps busting out the lube... I guess I'm not that into him"
Girl B: "Moist not want not"
by DJ horrible August 11, 2009
Uncontrolled, uncalled-for shouts of love at unexpected times, often in the midst of a fight.
Joe to Marrie: "No, this dress does not make you look fat.. Why do you keep asking? It's so annoying... LETS SNUGGLE!!!... no really, could you please for once shut up?"

Joe got love turrets.
by DJ horrible August 10, 2009
Smiling out loud. (Often more accurate then LOL).
"After having a breakfast burrito I needed a few hours by mysmelf. SOL".
by DJ horrible August 09, 2009

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