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A piece of shit board service that requires you to upgrade your message board in order to use HTML.
by dj gs68 November 01, 2003
A guitar simulation game in which a player presses 3 buttons and a pick on a simulated guitar as their corresponding markers reach a line at the top of the screen.
Guitar Freaks is easier than Drummania.
by dj gs68 May 13, 2003
AOL speak for "you." AOL speak, my ass!
15-year-old girl at the cash register: Hello! May I help u?
Me: Yeah, I'll have a nice cup of STFU!
by dj gs68 July 24, 2003
Zapp Brannigan's assistant on Futurama. He is a green alien whose body is kept supported by bladders containing fluids rather than bones. He is currently in a relationship with Amy Wong.
Zapp: Kif, get me another beer.
Kif: *sigh*
by DJ gs68 September 16, 2003
A better nickname for SpongeBob SquarePants. Because SpongeBob is NOT square-shaped and neither are are his pants!
Who lives in a coconut over the sea? SPONGEBOB RECTANGLEPANTS!
by dj gs68 July 12, 2003
Getting banned on purpose on GameFAQs. It's now considered an auto-flag word there.
by dj gs68 May 10, 2003
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