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Any oversized green human being who has temper tantrums and totes bales.
"All this, and I can tote bales too!"--The Hulk, after winning a match in Marvel vs. Capcom
by dj gs68 September 23, 2003
The #1 best anime in existance. Not for the type of anime fan who prefers anime with mechas, "pretty" girls with superpowers and schoolgirl outfits, or space combat.
The only time I ever get to watch Serial Experiments Lain is on TechTV's Anime Unleashed, and TechTV isn't even on basic cable!
by dj gs68 July 18, 2003
A company that focuses way too much on its fighting games.
Hey Capcom, I know Street Fighter and <insert company here> vs. Capcom games are very popular and they're the reason why you have a massive fanbase, but how about making a sequel to 1944: The Loop Master?
by dj gs68 January 17, 2004
is better than Nickelodeon.

And to those who think they screw over anime, you obviously haven't seen adult swim, a timeslot reserved for more mature shows like Futurama, Trigun, and Family Guy.
I finished my homework at 4:55 PM so I decided to watch some TV. Unfortunately, they were airing Toonami, so I waited until 11 PM to watch Adult Swim.
by dj gs68 October 21, 2003
(Also known as: IIDX)

A 7 keys and turntable game made by Konami, the same people who brought us Dance Dance Revolution. It is far more challenging, harder to find, and has better songs than DDR. Most of the people that I've seen play at my local arcade are pretty skilled, and aren't fat Wapanese bastards.
You don't believe me when I say IIDX's music is better? Go listen to the song "thunder," which is from that game.
by dj gs68 October 02, 2003
A destructively challenging 7-keys-and-turntable game. It is much harder to learn than DDR. However, the game series only came out in Japan, and an arcade cabinet would cost many thousand dollars to import to the U.S. Sunnyvale Golfland (SVGL) is a location known to have this very rare game.

The upside to it not being very well-known unlike DDR is that most of the players are skilled at it, and don't whore the same song 8476385734985 times in a row like DDR players do.
A nearby 15-year-old IIDX player strangled a 12-year-old dumbass DDR player for playing and failing song "Afronova" 25 times in 5 consecutive games.

Meanwhile, at the nearby IIDX machine, no song was played more than once every 5 songs, and a lot of players were seen with scores upwards of 180,000 out of a possible 204,620 points on "flashing 7" songs.
by dj gs68 August 07, 2003
(full name: Takayuki Ishikawa)

The best DJ in the world. He makes many trance songs with piano sounds in them.
Why is dj TAKA's "Quickening" not in IIDX?
by dj gs68 June 22, 2003
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