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249 definitions by DJ gs68

A show overshadowed by Family Guy.
by dj gs68 September 30, 2003
The most retarded thing since clowns. It's the reason why 1/4 of teenagers are FUCKED UP. Those of you who think it's good are addicted and have had your mind altered by those retarded substances.
I don't do drugs because one hit could either be:

1. harmless
2. harmful
3. my last (in other words, fatal)
by dj gs68 June 26, 2003
An inside joke started on the show Family Guy. A phrase in "(subject) (verb) (noun)" form becomes, "In Soviet Russia, (noun) (verb) YOU!"


Before: I'm out of ideas.
After: In Soviet Russia, ideas run out of YOU!
In Soviet Russia, definition adds YOU!
by dj gs68 September 12, 2003
A flavor of ice cream that pales in comparison to vanilla.
by dj gs68 October 21, 2003