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Acronym for Hoes These Days. A parody of the phrase, "Kids these days," and is used in a similar fashion to the original phrase.

HTD is a common immediate remark in response to learning something about a particular ho (or hoes) that directly defines them as a ho.

Rather than being slander against hoes, HTD is more often a phrase that accepts that hoes will be hoes and that we are powerless to change them.
HTD can be used as a direct diss but it's considered bad form since it's more elegant to just call a ho a ho.
Ho: "I didn't cheat... it was only a blowjob!"
Non-ho: *smacks ho* "Damn HTD..."

Ho: "Sorry, I ate all your chicken."
Non-ho: *sigh* "HTD..."
by DJ Totoro January 15, 2006
The act of smacking the cunny with the hand to tease and/or arouse pleasure. Often performed with the labia relatively closed together, but can be performed with the clitoris exposed with hard smacking for intense arousal.

Cunny-smacking is usually executely lightly with the fingers togethers, or sometimes the combined motion of smacking and grinding with the palm of the hand.

Recently, cunny-smackers have evolved their cunny-smacking repertoire to smacking with the back of the hand in a braggadocio manner rather than for practical purposes.

Females occasionally smack their own cunny when masturbating, commonly accompanying the use of sex toys.
Hey, Papi. I loved it when you were cunny-smacking me.
by DJ Totoro January 15, 2006
Used in Street Fighter to describe the act of winning a round by Perfect, since the winner's health meter stays yellow and the win icon is denoted by a P i.e. the winner P'd on the opponent.
1. Damn, he lost the final round by R Kelly.
2. Crap, I got double R Kelly'd.
by DJ Totoro September 08, 2009
Adjective meaning excessively, crazy awesome.
"That gig last night was so titters."'

"The crowd last night was going completely titters."
by DJ Totoro February 07, 2010
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