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Chicken-winging is a complicated way to cop a feel, usually used as a last resort against a particularly resiliant bra. The man, after failing to go under or undo the bra during a makeout session, may reach his hand up the girls shirt and then down into the cup from the top. This results in an awkward bend in the elbow, and causes the arm to resemble a chicken wing. Hence, chickenwinging.
She had on this bad motherfucker of a bra. So I had to resort to chicken-winging.
by DJ Tickle September 11, 2006
(n)A synonym of C bus, used to refer to Columbus, Ohio. 614 is the city's area code. Pronounced: sicks-wun-foe.

Used mostly by white, middle class, suburbanites who live on the outskirts of the city.
I spent the week with my homies, cruisin' the 614
by dj tickle September 11, 2006
A variation of a keg party, or kegger, where guests partake of box wine instead of the usual beer. Red keggers can be combined with toga parties for a real bacchanal. Red keggers have one major advantage on regular keggers, you don't have to go out and rent a keg!
Party Guest #1: Is that a box of wine I see over there?
Party Guest #2: Oh dang!
Both Guests: RED KEGGER!!!
by DJ Tickle September 26, 2006
(n) the unofficial name for Baja-Blast Mountain Dew, which is sold exclusivly at Taco Bell. The liquid is the color of a mint julip, and tastes like regular Dew with a hint of lime. It represents the pinnacle of Mountain Dew development because its limited availability makes it harder to get sick of (i.e. code red )
You homes, i be mad jonesin' for some of that green Dew from the Taco Bell
by dj tickle September 13, 2006
(n) The most delicious of foods, Taco Bell's bean burrito. $0.89 and it is a slice of heaven. Usually ordered with a free cup for water, which is used to steal some Mt. Dew.
Dude, I'm like mad hungry. I would sell my soul for a double beano with green Dew.
by dj tickle September 13, 2006

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