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Wheels of steel, turntables, record players. Belt Driven or Direct Drive. Technics sl-1200 is acclaimed by DJ's everywhre as the industry standard.
Those numark battle decks are fly!
by DJ Staplez June 11, 2004
Cocaine Hydrochloride. Lines of white powder snorted through a tube.
Pipe linse. Connected to my mind. White Lines blow awayyy.
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
Full name for the stimulant Cocaine derived from the coca leaf.
Yo p-dizzle pass the cocaine hydrochloride it's RAW!
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
It is a chode boner.
Lol, dude quit bein' a choner.
by DJ STAPLEZ May 30, 2004
Opium. The stuff that you smoke and is addictive and makes u go woah crazay. It also cures dissentary.
Smoke a ton o' blue velvet got none no more di a rear.
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
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