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5 definitions by DJ Staplez

Wheels of steel, turntables, record players. Belt Driven or Direct Drive. Technics sl-1200 is acclaimed by DJ's everywhre as the industry standard.
Those numark battle decks are fly!
by DJ Staplez June 11, 2004
62 14
Cocaine Hydrochloride. Lines of white powder snorted through a tube.
Pipe linse. Connected to my mind. White Lines blow awayyy.
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
34 8
Full name for the stimulant Cocaine derived from the coca leaf.
Yo p-dizzle pass the cocaine hydrochloride it's RAW!
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
20 11
It is a chode boner.
Lol, dude quit bein' a choner.
by DJ STAPLEZ May 30, 2004
14 15
Opium. The stuff that you smoke and is addictive and makes u go woah crazay. It also cures dissentary.
Smoke a ton o' blue velvet got none no more di a rear.
by DJ Staplez June 10, 2004
15 23