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the low income, suburban area of Thunder Bay, Ontario.
located to the southwest of the city in the swampy marshlands, it has a distinctive sulphurous manure smell due to nearby logging operations. other prominant features of Westfort also include low flying airplanes and a nearby indian reserve.
"man, you're from Westfort."
by DJ Soup February 07, 2007
The Ojibway are a First Nations or Aborigonal peoples who historically reside in parts of Northwestern Ontario and northern Minnesota. They are also known as the "Chippewa".
Distinctive features of an Ojibway include very broad shoulders & cheekbones, and in many respects they resemble the Inuit peoples further north.
"Eyy 'der chum, you're an Ojib' too? Damn.. we must be Cuz's or sumthin'. Got a schmoke 'der?"

(Ojib' is a slang term commonly used by present day Ojibway to address each other)
by DJ Soup November 10, 2007

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