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1. A type of drum and bass music characterized by extremely fast drum programming, rolling and pitch-changing snares, reggae and various rastafarian/ ganja smoking samples, excessive use of the "Amen Snare", and absolutely soul-crushing basslines.
2. The best form of music ever created by man, NAY, ANY creature in the universe.
Me: Dude, last night I was smokin' a fat blizzie while listening to Soundmurderer's "Wired For Sound", which is my favorite ragga CD.
Joe: What's ragga?
#ragga drum and bass #ragga jungle #ragga d&b #d&b #jungle #drum and bass
1. A term derived from both "slime" or "sludge" and "muck", commonly used when a germy, dirty connotation is inferred and other words of lesser intensity just won't cut it. Most often used in conjunction with mud.
2. A goopy mixture consisting of mud mixed with garbage juice, vomit, or other disgusting liquids.
3. Any mud-based semi liquid that is not only extremely dirty, but may pose health or bio-hazards. May also be flammable or reactive.
3. A dirty, filty whore, possibly carrying one or more venereal diseases. Derived from "Slut" and "Yuk".
Two hillbillies were wrastlin' in the rain behind the dumpster, covered head to toe in mud and sluk.

Several pigs lolled about, rolling amongst the mud and sluk.

That was no high priced hooker you just had sex with... it was actually a disgustingly dirty sluk.
#mud #dirt #filth #slime #grime #sludge #muck #slut #whore
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